WIX Review

Wix 2019 Review: 7 Important Things You Need to Know

One of the best site designers

Wix gives good news to all users who are not familiar with programming skills and do not know what codes are. In a few hours you can create an excellent site that claims to be professional. And all this will help make a convenient Wix platform with several hundred free templates and handy tools. The designer is ideal for novice users and businessmen.


– intuitive interface;

– easy to use and add content;

– favorable prices for paid options;

– stylish design, high quality layout;

– high marks of experts in the field of website creation


– the inability to change the template after creating and running the resource;

– the cost of the purchase of additional options;

– too many settings.

Wix Platform Overview

The number of users of the Wix platform worldwide exceeds 100 million people. People like that they can create the product they need cheap and fast.

A few years ago, the process of creating a site was very difficult. Only two categories of people could have their own website: geeks with programming skills or rich people who could pay these geniuses for their work.

Powerful Wix editor does all this difficult and boring work on your own, saving you from unnecessary worries and costs. You do not need to understand anything in programming. At the same time, Wix gives you enough freedom for creativity. You have certain templates that you can fill on your own.

You might be surprised if you find out how many excellent and professional websites were created on the Wix platform.

Of course, this is not the only convenient site builder in the world, but today it is one of the best. Why can we talk about this with such confidence?

First of all, the service offers a huge selection of templates, adapted to the following industries:

– service sector;

– small business;

– hotel business;

– cafes and restaurants;

– music;

– photo;

– graphic design;

– and much more.

It’s hard to find a niche that Wix wouldn’t cover. Even if you do not find an exact match of the pattern, you can achieve the desired result with additional tools.

What are all site designers

Website Builder is a special platform that allows you to create a website online, without any experience in the field of programming.

There are two types of constructors: standard, using templates and platforms using an artificial intelligence system (AI).

Standard platforms offer users a large number of ready-made templates that are customized and populated with content. As the project progresses, additional options can be included.

In the case of using services with artificial intelligence, the system creates a site based on your personal preferences, which you specify at the beginning of work. At the same time you have the opportunity to edit the design and some other functions.

The Wix platform conveniently combines two types of constructors. Users are offered several hundred high-quality templates that can be filled by drag and drop. If this option does not suit you, you can trust the entire process to artificial intelligence, allowing Wix to do everything for you.

The Wix site creation service is easy to use for users of any level. According to the many reviews of various people, they like to use this platform.

“ To my surprise there is no limit. In just one hour, my project dedicated to music and my portfolio was ready! ”

“ I never would have thought that you could run your business with Wix. I quickly created an online store and have already started to get the first profit. ”

Wix offers to create a website in two different ways.

If you choose the Wix Editor option, you are offered a template into which you can drag the necessary elements, edit, swap, etc.

Wix ADI, based on the use of an artificial intelligence system, does all the work for you. All you have to do is answer a few leading questions and within a few minutes the resource suitable for you will be ready. If you do not like something in the design or arrangement of some elements, you can make certain edits. Of course, you will not have complete control over intervention in the template structure. But most of the key visual changes can be made.

If you still need to make more serious changes, and if you are a more experienced user, use the Wix Code option to edit the HTML code of the template.

Customers are satisfied

According to user surveys, it became known that almost 90% would gladly recommend the Wix platform to their friends and acquaintances. Among the main advantages that they liked, they note the ability to quickly create and edit the site, as well as how easy it is to add content.

The only thing that users were not completely happy with is that Wix offers such a huge number of templates and their settings that it takes some time to figure them out and choose what is needed. However, after a few minutes, this shock passes and users begin to easily navigate what the service offers.

Wix is a universal platform that is suitable for almost everyone, but if the sphere in which you work is narrowly focused, you may be better off choosing another service to create your own resource. It all depends on the case.

Wix for business

Wix is a real find for business beginners. First of all, the platform offers a huge number of ready-made templates optimized specifically for business projects. Each of the templates has built-in functions for the operational interaction of the site owner with his clients.

You can expand the functionality of your project by switching to paid plans, but the money spent on the purchase of additional options will quickly return to you in the form of profit.

Online sales using Wix

For those who decide to create their own online store and sell digital or physical goods using the site, Wix offers convenient tools. Wix eCommerce allows you to trade in unlimited quantities. The platform offers a complete set of the necessary functionality, including the creation of promotional codes, discounts and lucrative offers for customers. With a smartphone and Internet access, you can manage your online store from anywhere.

The Ecwid application will greatly expand the capabilities of your online business. By installing the plugin on your website, you can engage in social trading, track stock balances, and perform other useful operations.

Wix is good for small and medium businesses, but if your financial success is already expressed in six figures, experts recommend using more specialized platforms (for example, Shopify or Big Commerce).

Wix eCommerce is the best option to quickly and safely set up your online business.

Personal site

Creating a personal site on Wix is a great choice. Do you have something you would like to share with other people, tell them about your hobbies or just collect your creative work in one place? Then Wix at your service is the best online platform for creating a portfolio, a small website for a specific event, an online resume, etc.

No matter what niche you work in, your project will always be bright, unique, and unique. And most importantly, visually it will look very high quality and professional.

Wix offers a large selection of templates for creative people, but photographers or graphic designers should turn their attention to other platforms, for example, Squarespace – there are many beautiful templates for creative projects.

Is Wix suitable for creating and maintaining a blog?

It is important for bloggers that their stories are not only interesting for readers, but also visually appealing. The Wix platform is great for blogging, however, like some other services.

In Wix, you can not only create beautiful posts, but also distribute them into groups, categories, add the ability to comment on your notes. Bloggers will also like the Weebly platform – you can test it and compare it with Wix, and then choose the most suitable option.

In addition to the expanded business component of the functionality, the designer allows you to comfortably create multilingual sites. Going to the settings from the editor, select the application “Multilingua”, it is installed by default. Allows you to add as many languages as you like to the site, automatically creating a copy of the site for each localization. All this is combined into a clear and convenient single interface for administering language versions. To translate content, of course, you need to manually, but the standard captions of templates and widgets in most cases will automatically be correctly displayed in the selected language.

Are there any prospects for the development of a site created on Wix?

Some users are concerned about the question: are there any prospects for the development of their resource created by the Wix designer, or will it remain at the same level. The developers assure that Wix is scaling with you, as new additions and extensions are constantly appearing that improve functionality.

However, if you are applying for more professional promotion of your services, you can consider other options.

Wix templates

Wix currently contains more than 500 templates, sorted by categories: shop, business, photography, video, music, design, restaurants, events, portfolio, blog, beauty and health, fashion, art, and landing pages. Immediately after registration, you will be asked to choose a design for the site. You can filter the sample by newness or popularity. By the way, once the selected template can not be changed in the process. So choose immediately and for a long time. Fullscreen preview is possible.

Design customization

Wix has the most interesting in the niche set of ready-made templates. It is pleasant to examine them, the variety of approaches and structures pleasantly surprises. Periodically, developers supplement the design library. About 30-60 new samples arrive each year. All of them can be used for free. Each template is adaptive. You can also choose a blank sheet and arrange each page of your site from scratch in the editor.

By the way, the impossibility of changing the pattern in the process is explained by the absolute positioning of the elements on the Wix sites. This gives freedom of action in the design of design, but eliminates the ability to export settings and content in the new template. That is, the rule of one pattern is due to purely technical reasons. Such is the price paid for the flexibility of customization design.

The mobile version of the template can be configured separately by switching to it in the header of the editor. Menu, image format, pinning of individual elements (contacts, “up” button), background, hiding elements can be adjusted. You can also use automatic optimization in one click – the result is good. Changes in the mobile version of the site will not affect the desktop version. When editing a large version, the center of the page will be highlighted with dotted lines – this is the area that will fall into the mobile template. You can navigate through it.

The editor allows you to unrecognizably change the stock design by adding new sections (the “Strip” widget), widgets, images, and customizing their appearance. Everywhere you can add effects, animations, if necessary, adjust the size, padding, layers, backgrounds, fonts, form elements, and more. The appearance of the site on Wix is more dependent on your design skills than on the selected template. Although you can publish your content with a minimum of changes in the appropriate theme of the template and get a ready site. As you like best.

The logo is an important component of the brand image and its design. With the help of the free application Wix Logo Maker, you can step by step create a beautiful and unique logo that reflects the essence of the brand for successful positioning of the company among customers and partners. Choose a name and a slogan, a suitable graphic component, and then modify it all in a simple and functional visual editor. You can work with fonts, colors, sizes of elements, shape and background. Parameters for converting dozens – indents, transparency, size, alignment, borders, rounding, and so on. This tool is comparable in features with high-quality paid online services to create a logo. The only difference is that here it is built-in and free. After completing the work, you can safely save the result and use it at your discretion.  

App Market

Company store applications that can be added to the site. A very strong part of Wix. The use of this section extends the stock functionality of the platform several times. It contains a huge number of applications of various kinds: forms, work with social networks, galleries, applications for the store and marketing.

You can add an interactive calendar, tools for email marketing, polls, Dropbox, eCommerce gadgets, SEO tools and other useful plugins to help the standard designer functionality. All applications are sorted by category. Most of them are developed by the Wix team, the rest are integration of the capabilities of third-party services. Approximately half of the applications are completely free, and the rest have both a free use option and a paid one with additional features.

Convenient editor

The visual WYSIWYG editor (“What you see is what you get” – “what you see is what you get”) supports the drag-n-drop function, that is, the ability to drag and drop widgets by dragging the “drag” tab on their upper border. By narrowing or expanding the dotted lines on the borders of objects, you can change their size with the mouse. When any element or block is selected, icons will appear on the page, leading to settings and quick actions on the object. Usually we are talking about setting up the design, connecting the database, choosing the layout, the displayed items and parameters. For example, for a gallery, you can select and sort photos, for a video, you can add a link to a video clip or select a downloaded one from the library, assign play rules. Everything in context, always logical and appropriate.

Separately, it should be noted functionality for working with photos. The Wix Pro Gallery application, for example, allows you to adjust the quality and sharpness of photos when displayed on the website, protect them from downloading, or add the Share buttons. You can also flexibly customize the layout of the output image – the structure, the size of thumbnails, indents, saturation of the collage and orientation in space. You can also build an image store here.

All new applications will also be added to the control panel for quick and easy access in the manner of those sections listed above. This structure makes it easy to navigate the extensive functional flow of Wix. By the way, most applications are designed and presented similarly to the interface of the designer – stylistically and in terms of ease of use. That is, owning the interface, you can safely install an arbitrarily large number of applications without the risk of getting confused. Even if they are serious in their essence and capabilities, it will be no more difficult to understand them than in the rest of the interface. Adding new features will not complicate the work on the site, which is important.

Help and Support

Wix Editor constantly offers users support. By clicking on the button with a question mark, you will receive comprehensive answers to many questions, as well as useful tips on specific tools. In some cases, these are even video tips. In addition, Wix employees provide telephone and email support to their customers. There is no chat, but you can always get answers to your questions promptly enough. VIP customers are guaranteed priority support.


Wix has a separate application in the control panel, which will help you set up SEO parameters, prepare the site for effective interaction with Google and other search algorithms. Wix SEO Wiz is a step by step wizard of search engine optimization site. All important for this process tools are collected in one place, conveniently filed and explained. Wix itself as a sitebuilder is no worse and no better than most of such services in terms of the prospects of site output in the top search results.

Wix Ascend ( Marketing)

This includes forms creation applications, live chat, mail processing tools, instant messenger, built-in CRM, payment acceptance methods (via chat, invoice and other forms of cashless payments), automation of typical business processes, separation of workspaces according to various criteria, planning systems and issuing notifications, numerous marketing tools (mailings, creating banners, introducing promotions, working with social networks and video hosting sites, advertising integrations, and much more). Such a detailed and broad approach allows to cover the whole process from attracting the attention of the client to selling and establishing personal contact for further cooperation. Wix is a powerful platform for creating business sites, and all this can provide.

Wix prices

Wix can be used for free by those who are satisfied with the site on a subdomain of the form: uguide.wixsite.com/sitename. Most of the constructor functions will be available. You can connect your domain and get richer functionality after paying for one of the tariff plans.

The monthly cost of premium tariff plans ranges from 11 to 35 dollars. The number of available functions, the presence or absence of Wix advertising, and the type of domain directly depend on the chosen plan.

One of the advantages of Wix is the return of money spent, if the user does not like the result. Within two weeks you have the right to contact support and return your money.

Also, the quality of support provided to users depends on the chosen plan. The longer the period for which you subscribe, the more money you can save annually.

For small businesses, the Wix Pro tariff plan is more convenient. At your disposal is access to Ascend, the possibility of obtaining a free logo and other valuable tools.

The most popular premium plan is Business Unlimited. Most often, it is bought by businessmen and freelancers. At your disposal you can get bandwidth without restrictions, the ability to create an online store with a full set of effective tools for online marketing, access to all necessary applications and reference support around the clock.

Wix Review: Summary

Wix is the best and most promising website builder in the solution niche with a visual editor from technical and design points of view. The developers have solved several difficult tasks:

– made an interface in which it is convenient to work, despite the huge number of functions;

– went beyond the limitations of the WYSIWYG editor by implementing Wix Corvid;

– created an effective system for doing business online, combining specialized tools under the label Wix Ascend;

– introduced artificial intelligence Wix ADI, which after some time will create sites that almost do not require changes.

– made the application store an integral part of the interface and functionality that you want to use.

Wix is a multipurpose machine for creating various sites. Thanks to high-quality applications and a flexible editor, the functional framework of the platform is very broad, and given the potential of Wix Corvid, the limitations practically disappear. Using HTML and JavaScript is possible, but completely optional. Moderately simple, bright designer, with a lot of useful features. With a direct comparison in terms of functionality is unique.

The designer is suitable for anyone who needs a business card site on any subject, portfolio, landing or promotion page, blog or store for selling digital goods, craft items, brand clothing, etc. It will be useful for owners of rental businesses, restaurants, cafes, concert venues (ticket booking) and all those whose activities are related to receiving clients on a schedule (hairdressers, make-up artists, dentists, coaching, yoga, dancing, tutoring).

The service is great for the role of the first site builder. Even if you have not yet decided to create a site, it is recommended to get acquainted, first of all, with Wix. He will meet your expectations!